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We are Combat Carpet Clean, a Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company & business franchise looking to provide highly dynamic & exceptional services to communities all around the UK and beyond.

In a bid to achieve this mission, we look to recruit, support and empower highly driven individuals, from ambitious entrepreneurs looking for a career change to fellow Armed Forces Veterans and Service leavers alike. We want you to recognise your own exciting business potential to ‘Become your own boss & build your own Army’.

Have you wanted the freedom to manage your own time, work flexible hours and have the power to unlimited earning potential? We know that hunger well, and we’ve done all the hard work to give you everything you need to thrive in an Industry that holds a substantial share of the UK’s £6 billion pound property cleaning sector.

Using proven and successful Global business strategies, patented techniques and industry-leading methods, ‘every aspect’ of your readymade business will be covered. We’ll train you, support you and give you everything you need to create your own empire.

Starting a Combat Carpet Clean franchise means you’ll continue to receive the assurance, ongoing support, energy and friendship that every business needs to be successful and more importantly, profitable. With a constantly growing network of franchisees in locations all around the UK, enquire now to grab your exclusive territory and become part of one of the most exciting business start-ups’.

Founded and developed by two British Armed Forces Veterans, Andrew Dennis & Jay James Picton, the two childhood best friends hailing for Pembrokeshire in South West Wales, have a combined service of over 3 decades within the Royal Navy.

The franchise

We’ve built the brand, products, support and training you need to start your own successful business. Our ready-made, hassle free package gives you the inspiration, flexibility and focus, so whether this be an exciting business start up, career change or your returning to civilian life, we’ll give you the purpose, promise and huge business potential you deserve to get you off to the strongest possible start.

Working hard for someone else’s benefit isn’t always fun. Combined with an often poor work-life balance, a capped salary and a lack of autonomy, it’s easy to see why you might be fed up and looking for something new.

Here at Combat Carpet Clean, we have the answer. We have a solution that allows you to be your own boss and grow accordingly at your on will. Our franchisees have an average of 1,000 business enquiries per year, which equates to over £120,000 worth of work.

On top of that, as a Combat Carpet Clean franchisee, you can create your own schedule, get more family time in whilst running your business your way. Finally, we ensure that you receive the absolute best-in-class training to stay ahead of the competition. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not.

earning potential

Week 1 – 5 Averaging £150 – £200 a day = £750 – £1000 a week
Week 6 – 12 Averaging £250 – £300 a day = £1250 – £1500 a week
Week 13 – 18 trajectory £300 – £400 a day =£1500 – £2000 a week

Ongoing targets:
1 Van and 1 employee – £500 daily – £2500 a week / £10,000 a month
2 Vans and 2 employees – £1000 daily – £5000 a week / £20,000 a month
3 Vans and 3 employees – £1500 daily – £7500 a week / £30,000 a month

Targets / balances:

Targets (Weekly) Monthly Annually
1000 4500 54000
1500 6750 81000
1750 7875 94500
2000 9000 108000


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